MH 2014 University of Salford

MH 2014
The Lowry in Salford Quays, Manchester, UK


Metal-Hydrogen Systems for a Sustainable Society

The development of hydrogen storage materials is expected to play a key role in the next-generation hydrogen energy system, the introduction of which is planned to take place from 2015, and in stationary energy storage, which will ensure a stable supply of renewably powered electricity. MH2014 will serve as a timely meeting place to discuss the goals and strategies of hydride R&D for the imminent establishment of a hydrogen economy and a sustainable society. Fittingly, the symposium will be held in Salford Quays, scene of a major urban regeneration project, replacing one of the most significant developments of the Industrial Revolution which can be said to have started in Manchester.

Various metal hydride systems are already widely used in industrial products and processes to achieve higher energy efficiency. For example, electrochemical hydrogen storage has been commercialized as Ni-MH batteries, which are widely used in hybrid vehicles and portable electric appliances. The Hydriding, Disproportionation, Desorption and Recombination (HDDR) process is an important technology for the production of strong rare-earth magnets. Discoveries of novel material-hydrogen systems, which will no doubt be reported at MH2014, promise new possibilities for industrial applications.

With the availability of powerful experimental and computational facilities, such as synchrotron radiation, intense neutron sources, and supercomputers, our understanding of the phenomena and properties of hydrides have recently achieved considerable advances. Many new results will be reported in formal sessions at MH2014. But of equal importance to these will be the informal contacts to be made between those attending the conferences and our venue and social events will encourage these contacts

A major feature is the encouragement that we will provide for research students and other early career researchers to become involved in the science. As part of our efforts in this direction, we are organising a Summer School, aimed at introducing the variety of techniques used in the investigation of hydrogen-metal systems.


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