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Please note that pre-registration is now closed. We will, however, leave the following information in place for future reference.


Pre-registration for the MH2014 Summer School will open on Monday 14th April 2014 and close on Friday 2nd May 2014.

The provisional capacity of the school is 40 delegates. This is practically limited by the hands-on demonstrations that will be provided at Hiden Isochema in Warrington on the second day of the Summer School.

Places will be assigned by the organisers on a first come, first served basis, with those delegates responding soonest after the opening of pre-registration being given priority.

Please note, however, that priority will be given to those delegates who will also be attending MH2014. If you would like to attend the summer school and MH2014, but have not yet submitted an abstract for the main symposium, we will be able to arrange a late poster submission for those candidates who pre-register and are then eligible.

How to pre-register

If you wish to attend the Summer School, please first pre-register from Monday 14th April by sending an email to the MH2014 Conference Office (, including the following information:







Student or researcher ID number:


Please also:

(1) indicate whether you are planning to attend MH2014.

(2) indicate whether you intend to apply for a COST scholarship. It would also be useful if you could state whether or not you are already a member of MP1103.

(3) include a brief statement regarding the topic of your PhD or, if you are a postdoctoral or industrial researcher, your current research interests.


We would also prefer you to use your institutional email address, rather than a personal email account.

What happens next?

Once pre-registration has closed on the 2nd May, we will then assign places and sort the applicants into those who are eligible for COST support and those who are not.

The names of those applicants who can apply for COST support will be passed on to our colleagues from the COST Action MP1103, who will be organising the administrative side for us.

Those candidates who have been selected for the school, with or without COST support, will then be asked to register fully using the University of Salford Online Shop.

The cost of registration will be £100. This includes lunch and refreshments throughout the course and an excursion on Saturday 19th July.

In addition, the delegates supported by COST will be offered the discounted rate of £50.


If you have any questions, regarding the process described above or any other aspect of the MH2014 Summer School, please do not hesitate to contact us.