MH 2014 University of Salford

MH 2014



A selection of photos from the fourth full day of MH2014 at the Lowry in Salford on Thursday 24th July 2014


The Quays Theatre in the Lowry

The Quays Theatre ready for the plenary session (Photo: Richard Meftah)


Dr Ned Stetson, US Department of Energy

Dr Ned Stetson, from the US Department of Energy, presents his plenary talk (Photo: Richard Meftah)


Dr Bob Bowman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), US

Dr Bob Bowman, from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in the US, considers a question from the audience following his plenary talk (Photo: Richard Meftah)


MH2014 group photo

Group photo taken outside the Lowry (Photo: Richard Meftah)


Coffee break in the Quays Bar

Morning coffee in the Quays Bar (Photo: Richard Meftah)


Professor Ian Morrison, University of Salford, UK and Rana Mohtadi, Toyota Technical Center, US

Professor Ian Morrison, from the University of Salford, in conversation with Dr Rana Mohtadi from the Toyota Technical Center (TTC) in the US (Photo: Richard Meftah)


Dr Hai-Wen Li, Kyushu University, Japan

Dr Hai-Wen Li, from Kyushu University in Japan, in discussion in the evening poster session (Photo: Richard Meftah)


Poster in the Thursday session at MH2014

Poster discussion in the Compass Room (Photo: Richard Meftah)


Professor Keith Ross in the Thursday poster session

Keith enjoys a beer during the poster session (Photo: Richard Meftah)


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