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September 2015
This site has been archived. Many of the links have been preserved but lead to old web pages that may no longer exist. Please send any problems to the Salford University webmaster. Thanks.

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Research


mi-Guide offers a suite of services which are all aimed at promoting, raising the awareness and supporting education in the field of telecommunications.   It has been developed by the University of Salford in partnership with the Museum of Science and Industry, BT Heritage, Greater Manchester STEM Centre, the Centre for Science Education and Salford City Learning Centre

Originally developed to provide visitor information within the Connecting Manchester communications gallery at the Museum of Science and Industry, mi-Guide is now being extended to offer an @School educational resource and an on-line service.

To find out more, click one of the following links:

Funding for the development of mi-Guide has been provided by the EPSRC through Partnerships for Public Engagement awards.