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September 2015
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Computer Networking and Telecommunications Research


How many text messages do you send and receive each day?

Every year a new record is set by the number of text messages sent over UK networks on New Year’s Day alone.  For the 1st January 2007, the total was 214 million. That’s almost 9 million messages being sent per hour or to put it another way, over 3 messages for every man, woman and child living in the UK.

In 2006 we averaged 114 million text messages per day – that was 41.8 billion for the year! 

We are conducting a survey to find out how many you send and receive each day.

Please tell us how many text messages you send and receive on average per day.  Text ‘S’ followed by a number and ‘R’ followed by a number to:
07748 077675  (texts are charged at the standard rate of your provider)

Thank you.