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September 2015
This site has been archived. Many of the links have been preserved but lead to old web pages that may no longer exist. Please send any problems to the Salford University webmaster. Thanks.

Computer Networking and Telecommunications Research

Telecommunications Learning Materials

All material within this section is freely available for download for personal and educational use.  Although free to download, it has not been released into the public domain and all copyright in the material remains with the University of Salford.

The following learning materials have been developed through a Higher Education Academy Development Award in partnership with the Museum of Science and Industry, SETPOINT Greater Manchester and Salford City Learning Centre.

For more information on this project, view the Powerpoint presentation.

Activity Sheets

make and use your own crypto-wheel to illustrate the basic principles of cryptography which lie at the heart of all forms of secure communication.

make your own set of semaphore flags and discover how people sent messages before the era of electrical communications.

download our word search and see if you can find all of the words relating to telecommunications.